Jim Gray: Bad Things Happen

Yes, bad things can happen to good people.  And, yes, sometimes we have no control over how or when bad things happen, and can’t even predict, plan for or fight against them.  But we do have the Liberty of how to respond to bad things when they do happen.  And, when it comes down to it, that can be one of the most important Liberties of all.

So when bad things happen, we can choose to be and remain angry, hold grudges and see ourselves as victims.  But this only allows the bad things to control us.  For example, how many of us know people like my wife’s and my friend who became blind at an early age?  But she has adapted, and there is no anger in her.  Instead she has become a wonderful and loving companion to her husband.  She dresses herself, cooks and entertains, travels and leads the best life possible for her – and always with grace and good humor.  She could have chosen to complain, but that would have only kept her (and the people around her) from being happy.  Liberty means choices, and this wonderful lady has chosen well.  To put it another way, no one can take ever take away our spirit, at least not without our acquiescence.  We could call our friend a hero, but she would simply respond that she chose the best of the options available.  I wish there were more people like her, and also hope I would have used my Liberty of choice to have done the same had I been in her position.



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