The Evergreen Professor Who Stood Up To Campus Activists Just Won A Major Legal Victory


Earlier this year Evergreen State College, a small progressive university in Washington, captured the nation’s attention when campus activists held a “Day of Absence” that was approved by campus administrators.

Although innocent-sounding, the event was in actuality a demand for all white faculty and students to leave campus. One Evergreen professor, Bret Weinstein, refused to participate on the grounds that the act was explicitly racist and discriminatory.

The actions of these Evergreen students, and the tacit approval of the administration, typified a type of left-wing campus activism that has run amok over the past several years. The ideology is so extreme that it has resulted in the expulsion of those who may have agreed with its basic tenets, such as people like Bret Weinstein.

Weinstein describes himself as deeply progressive, and has revealed that he is an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter. But, due to his refusal to support the racist actions of campus activists, he was driven out.

Evergreen professor sued for racial discrimination and won

In response to campus administration’s support of the “Day of Absence”, Weinstein sued the school for taking actions that “permitted, cultivated and perpetuated a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment”. He and his wife, who also teaches at Evergreen, filed the lawsuit for a reported $3.85 million in July. By all accounts, it was a clear example of racial discrimination by a public institution, and hence appeared to be a straightforward case.

With such a difficult case against them, Evergreen State College chose to settle with Weinstein for $500,000. Although the college claims to accept no guilt, their willingness to settle so early on speaks to the likely outcome. The college supported an event that discriminated against Professor Weinstein on the basis of his race.

For a refresher on the issue, watch the Vice News special on the Evergreen State College scandal below:

(Image via screenshot of Bret Weinstein’s interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News.)


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