Even the Left Shouldn’t Take Paul Krugman Seriously Anymore

The latest piece by Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist that Ann Coulter aptly described as “the only known economist who hates the free market,” is titled “America Is Not Yet Lost,” which would be news to anyone who has been faithfully reading Paul Krugman for any length of time.

America, after all, has always been teetering on the edge of certain doom as long as Republicans have been allowed to participate in the political process, at least according to Krugman. A 2016 article in The Daily Beast titled “How Paul Krugman Made Donald Trump Possible” points out that Krugman’s apocalyptic rhetoric about every Republican who came down the pike turned him into the boy who cried GOP wolf:

In 2012, Krugman called Mitt Romney a “charlatan,” pathologically dishonest, and untrustworthy. He said Romney doesn’t even pretend to care about poor people and wants people to die so that the rich could get richer. Romney is “completely amoral,” “a dangerous fool,” “ignorant as well as uncaring.

What makes Donald Trump normal to so many is that they’ve heard all the hysteria from people like Krugman before. If you use the most vile language available on a good man like Romney, or on real candidates like Rubio and Cruz, you find you have none left for the Donald Trumps of the world—and no one is listening to you anyway.


But that hasn’t stopped Krugman from piling on. In his Christmas Day valediction on the first year of the new administration, Krugman gravely warns that “Donald Trump has been every bit as horrible as one might have expected.” If that’s the case, then how is it that America isn’t completely done?

The latest thing Paul Krugman has been wrong about is Donald Trump

Krugman expected Trump to be the Second Coming of Adolf Hitler, and rather than admit to ridiculous hyperbole, he pats himself on the back for his self-fulfilling prescience, yet still somehow claims that he’s “ending this year with a feeling of hope.”

Lest that hope get in the way of Krugman’s patented brand of abject despair, he slathers on the doomsday sauce:

Let’s be clear: America as we know it is still in mortal danger. Republicans still control all the levers of federal power, and never in the course of our nation’s history have we been ruled by people less trustworthy… as long as Republicans control Congress, constitutional checks and balances are effectively a dead letter.

A dead letter, huh? So, what, the Constitution has been nullified? Wouldn’t that mean that America is, you know, lost?

No, Krugman insists, it isn’t. Because if it were, you wouldn’t have to lean on Paul Krugman’s rancid wisdom to save it. So even though his constant handwringing and lamentation leave the panic volume turned up to eleven, he has to provide a semblance of hope in order to maintain a sliver of credibility, given that America hasn’t collapsed into the despotic sinkhole he has been describing for decades.

Krugman’s dystopian nightmare visions are at odds with the stark reality that it is Krugman himself, not America, that is lost.

(Photo of Paul Krugman speaking to The Commonwealth Club of California, in San Francisco. May 22, 2012 by Ed Ritger)


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