Trump’s Decision on the Paris Climate Accord Makes Economic Sense

Republicans and Democrats agree that climate change is occurring. The disagreement is over whether the government should be involved in attempting to mitigate the phenomenon and whether those actions will have any effect on global warming.

Even if the Paris Climate Accord was adhered to by every party that signed it the agreement would not accomplish any meaningful reduction in global temperatures. Therefore, it’s perfectly reasonable for President Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord and save our economy from losing trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.

The reason that the Paris Climate Accord wouldn’t accomplish any of its goals is staring its supporters in the face: it’s just a list of goals. There is not a single enforcement mechanism included in the agreement. This is why over two hundred countries signed it in the first place. Presidents and Prime Ministers affixed their signatures to the paper willingly knowing that there would be no negative consequences should they fail to comply.

While the United States may have complied, and sacrificed between two and six million jobs, the effect that would have on global temperatures wouldn’t be noticeable without universal compliance. Even if that could be guaranteed, which it can’t, it’s debatable whether the Paris Agreement would produce any measurable outcome.

All initiatives to reduce climate change and global warming hinge on one primary actor: China.

Without the communist country’s cooperation there is no point in suffering the consequences of reducing the United States’ carbon emissions. China is building a new coal powered plant every week. The country is already responsible for nearly one-third of the entire world’s carbon dioxide emissions. While China has signed the Paris Agreement, again, there is no enforcement mechanism that will ensure they comply with its terms. Multiple climate change activists have decried the accord for lacking even the most basic measures to ensure compliance from major polluters.

Without these protections, the Paris Climate Agreement is merely an outline of hopes and dreams with goals that may or may not be realized. As such, there is no reason that the United States should fall victim to its costs knowing that other countries will not comply and global temperatures will not be reduced. President Trump is right to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. Our economy should not suffer for no reason.

Wilson most recently served as the Director of Social Media on the presidential campaign of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
He started in politics by founding the political advocacy organization A Libertarian Future after the 2012 presidential election. Its Facebook page now reaches tens of millions of people a month, and the website received more than 10 million pageviews in three years.
Wilson has also launched a successful digital marketing firm with a range of domestic and international clients. After living in Europe intermittently throughout college, he currently resides in California – strictly for the climate.

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