Iraqi Refugee Arrested For London Tube Bombing; Syrian Refugee Also Arrested

Although tensions are high in the United States, Europe has a far better reason to be worried about the refugee crisis as it relates to Islamist terrorism. The United Kingdom has actually experienced more Islamist terror attacks than France in recent months. Even more worrying is that police have revealed that one of the men they arrested for the failed London tube terror attack was an Iraqi refugee.

The previous three Islamist terror attacks that have taken place in the United Kingdom were perpetrated by British citizens. The Muslim convert who drove a van into pedestrians on the Westminster bridge in March, 2017 was born in Kent. The perpetrator of the Ariana Grande concert bombing in May was also born in the United Kingdom, to Libyan refugees. One of London Bridge attackers was also a British citizen, born in Pakistan. The other two were both Moroccan citizens, one of which had applied for refugee status but was denied.

Iraqi refugee arrested in connection with London tube terror attack

The first arrest for the Parsons Green station attack was made less than a full day later when a yet to be named Iraqi refugee was attempting to buy a ferry ticket to Calais. British police believe that the man they arrested was responsible for the failed London tube bombing. He was arrested under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act, a law similar to the Patriot Act in the United States.

British police have arrested an additional four men since the Islamist terror attack that took place on September 15th. One of which was a Syrian refugee who stayed in the same halfway house as the suspected attempted bomber in Kent. Two others were arrested in Newport, Wales on the other side of the United Kingdom.

Parsons Green may be the first refugee terror attack in the U.K.

While numerous other Islamist terror attacks have been carried in the United Kingdom over the past year, this would be the first to have been carried out by a Middle Eastern refugee. The knowledge of which will only increase the skepticism the British public has towards their lax immigration policy.

The U.K. has officially¬†taken in between twenty and forty thousand refugees a year since 2010 with the number peaking in 2015. That number refers to those who have officially applied for asylum and been processed. The number that haven’t gone through the process legally may be much higher.

(Photo of police officers at the scene of Parsons Green explosion on September 15, 2017 in London, England by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)


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