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John Stossel Announces The Launch Of Stossel TV And Partnership With Reason TV

A familiar face to every libertarian, John Stossel recently revealed what he’s been working on since leaving Fox Business in 2016. The 19-time Emmy Award-winning reporter will be independently producing content for Stossel TV as well as collaborating with Reason TV.

After seven years of airing his eponymous Stossel on Fox Business, this was the next natural step for the veteran journalist. As Stossel himself explains above, it’s time to make his way into “new” media and begin reaching people that he couldn’t with television.

Reason TV Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie had this to say on his Facebook page:

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow Reason Magazine is debuting “Stossel on Reason,” a colloboration between us and the news legend John Stossel. Stossel will be providing weekly documentary segments, video op-eds, and interviews and more for our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Over the years, Stossel has been effusive in explanation of how encountering Reason changed his way of thinking. For instance, in his Give Me a Break, he writes that he spent time looking at right-wing and left-wing mags before finding Reason during the Virginia Postrel years. “It was a revelation,” he writes. “Here were writers who analyzed the benefits of free markets that I witnessed as a reporter. They called themselves libertarians, and their slogan was ‘Free Minds and Free Markets.’ I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but what they wrote sure made sense.”

If there ever were any editorial limitations placed on him, Stossel’s been good at getting out from under them. But now, he will be free from the mainstream media that he so often criticized over the years.


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