Here’s What Passes For News On CNN Now That Their Russia Story Has Collapsed

This week may have seen the beginning of the end of the Russia ‘election hacking’ story. The latest batch of undercover videos from Project Veritas exposed numerous media figures who admitted that there wasn’t anything behind the scandal. Van Jones even went so far as to label the entire Russia story as a “nothing burger”.

CNN was hit even harder when three of its senior investigative journalists resigned after failing to meet journalistic standards while reporting on Russia. Since then, it’s been tough to fill the gap left by their nonstop coverage of phantom Russian election hackers. The standards for what passes for news on CNN have dipped dramatically in order to fill airtime.

Recently, President Trump entertained a press gaggle in the White House while he made a congratulatory call to Ireland’s Prime Minister who was just selected earlier this month. During the call, the President made an off the cuff compliment of a reporter’s smile and joked that she would treat the new Prime Minister well.

To most anyone it was a harmless comment, but not for desperate CNN producers. They jumped at the ‘opportunity’ to criticize the President for what they labeled inexcusable sexism. The network even convened a panel of women to take turns condemning him.

What you just watched was an actual news story, aired on a major news network, during its daytime news hour. This is what CNN producers think their viewers are interested in when they turn on the television and decide to watch news. President Trump complimenting a reporter’s smile is newsworthy in 2017 according to these desperate and politically biased journalists.

If there is still any question why a majority of the country doesn’t respect the mainstream media, this segment should answer that fairly definitively. This type of cheap exploitation of a harmless aside is what is driving this country farther apart.

Furthermore, these types of stories take away from more serious matters that CNN should be reporting on. Jake Tapper’s condemnation of President Trump’s cruel tweets regarding Mika Brezinski is fair and justified. Tapper made an argument that Trump supporters should hear, but won’t, because CNN airs mindless stories like the above that have painted the entire network as “fake news”. The network executives at CNN headquarters should take that into account before they stoop to this level again.

(Photo by Josh Hallett used with permission.)

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