Here’s One New Feature Facebook Should Actually Add: Politically Inconvenient Memories

There will always be a divide between the designers and those they design for. A perfect example is Facebook which has been inundated with requests for a dislike button for a decade and consistently refused to add the feature. Instead, they added the inane alternative-to-like reactions that have emojified the platform’s content.

Another featured that Facebook added recently is called “Memories.” It provides exactly the service you’d expect. Users receive notifications to see posts they made on the same day in years past.

While a novel gimmick, it mainly serves to remind people of the meaninglessness of a majority of their posts.

Politically Inconvenient Memories feature could call out double standards on Facebook

Although the Memories feature is quickly becoming boring, there is a fix that could revive its usefulness. A comedy sketch group called We The Internet recently came up with a way to make use of these old statuses for the public good: Politically Inconvenient Facebook Memories.

The feature is simple, before making a political post, it would scan a user’s old posts for contradictory positions that were taken years past. The example used in the video shows a user making a post claiming they don’t care about President Trump’s incessant golfing trips when they clearly cared about President Obama’s habit just two years previous.

Everyone on Facebook can relate to these double standards – We see them from our partisan friends on a daily basis. This feature could legitimately help people think through their political posts and reconcile their hypocrisy before they contradict themselves.

As with many companies April Fools’ Day joke products, the video embedded below describes a feature that many users would love to have, despite the fact that it is a joke.

Instead of getting into arguments with friends about their changing political beliefs, Politically Inconvenient Facebook Memories could arbitrate independently.

Unfortunately, as with the much-desired dislike button, this isn’t a feature that Facebook is ever likely to add.

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