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The Second Amendment Protects Us From What’s Happening In Catalonia Right Now

In case you missed it, there is an independence referendum taking place across Catalonia today. The region of Spain centered around Barcelona is deciding whether to break away and become an independent country. Unfortunately, their attempt to hold a vote was declared unconstitutional by the Spanish government.

National police were sent in to seize ballots and shut down polling stations. They have succeeded through violent means. Firing rubber bullets into crowds and using tear gas on voters has been widespread. Millions of ballots have been confiscated and hundreds of voters have been injured in the process.

Voter suppression in Catalonia is tragic, but it is an important example 

What’s happening in Catalonia is an excellent reminder of what our 2nd Amendment is meant for. Despite what the left would have you believe, its purpose is not for hunting. Our right to bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution to protect the citizenry from the government should it become tyrannical.

A powerful central government preventing a peaceful independence referendum is certainly the definition of tyranny. Naturally, citizens have a right to resist against such action and if necessary take up arms to defend themselves. That right has sadly already been all but usurped by the government of Spain.

Firearm ownership in Spain is extremely restricted. Licenses may be obtained from the national police after passing a police background check, a medical test, multiple exams and must be renewed frequently. Police are allowed to inspect firearms at any time for any reason. Concealed carry licenses are technically available but practically impossible to receive.

Ownership of certain types of firearms is extremely limited and magazine capacity even more so. Semi-automatic rifles are limited to four rounds while semi-automatic shotguns are limited to only two shells. Certain “war calibres” are prohibited entirely.

In other words, firearm ownership is heavily discouraged by the Spanish government which has resulted in an almost universally unarmed populace. The citizenry’s ability to protect itself from the state is therefore extremely limited.

The 2nd Amendment ensures what’s happening in Catalonia could never happen here

Spanish citizens have been disarmed by their government and this has allowed what is happening in Catalonia to take place. Police are making easy work of unarmed voters and successfully restricting their right to vote by force.

That would not be the situation in the United States. Imagine if the same situation presented itself in this country. Perhaps the Texas Nationalist Movement succeeded in organizing an independence referendum for example.

If state police were sent in to prevent a vote on independence in Texas, they would not be successful. Instead of finding unarmed victims, as the Spanish national police have found in Catalonia, Texas State Troopers would find armed citizens capable of defending their rights.

The 2nd Amendment protects us from the tyranny on display in Barcelona and across Catalonia. As we watch in horror as national police subvert the democratic process, we should remember that with reverence.

(Photo of Spanish police in the streets of Barcelona via Twitter.)


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