Governor Cuomo Actually Had the Correct Response to the Port Authority Bombing

Early Monday morning a crude pipe bomb was detonated in a subway terminal near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Four people suffered minor injuries as a result of the unsuccessful Islamist terror attack, including the bomber.

Immediately following the detonation, the suspect Akayed Ullah was tackled by Port Authority Police and prevented from detonating other devices strapped to his torso. The Bangladeshi native reportedly said nothing before the attack, leading police to suspect his device had gone off prematurely.

Three bystanders were injured in the blast but each was able to get themselves to local hospitals without issue. Even the injuries sustained by the bomber himself were not life threatening.

The terror attack came shortly after the Islamic State put out calls to attack New York City during the Christmas season. Having lost significant ground in Syria and Iraq, and has recently turned towards inspiring acts of terror across the West as a means of furthering its goals.

Governor Cuomo reminds the public not to let the terrorists win

Shortly after the bombing, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio made a statement that described the incident as an act of terror. It was standard boilerplate without substance.

On the other hand, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a much more determined statement:

“We are a target by many who would like to make a statement against freedom … Let’s go back to work. We are not going to allow them to disrupt us.”

The Governor also tweeted:

Many have forgotten what it is like to have lived before 9/11 and the ever present threat of Islamist terror. The fact that an incident such as this can become part of life in the U.S. is a reminder that the terrorists have at least partially achieved their goal of infecting the American psyche.

(Photo of Governor Cuomo speaking during the annual New York “State of the State” address at the SUNY Farmingdale campus in Long Island, New York on January 10, 2017 by U.S. Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Christopher S. Muncy)


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