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GOP Shocked to Find Out New York Liberal Really Is a New York Liberal After All

Until Donald Trump decided to run for President, he was by all accounts a typical New York liberal. He switched party registrations more frequently than wives, but Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001 to 2009. Republicans forgot that when he announced his candidacy in 2015 and didn’t remember until just this week.

One of Donald Trump’s weakest areas has always been gun rights. As a New York liberal, it’s understandable why he doesn’t have the same respect for our 2nd Amendment as a Texas conservative would. He simply wasn’t raised in a gun culture, and doesn’t understand the importance of the Constitution.

Never Trumpers, if they still exist, have been vindicated

One of the most prominent critics of Donald Trump’s candidacy back in 2015 and 2016 was Jeb Bush. While not exactly the most pro-2nd Amendment of the other candidates, Bush frequently criticized Trump for being a registered Democrat. In fact, it was his claim that lead to Politifact checking on Trump’s registration in the first place.

Bush and other Republicans who saw through the Donald’s facade of conservatism have been vindicated by the above tweet. Trump’s calls for gun control are typical for the New York liberal that they always knew he was deep down.

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and other conservative candidates criticized Trump even more harshly for his previous statements in support of gun control. In one of his many books, Trump had voiced support for the so-called assault weapon ban that was passed in 1994 and due to expire in 2004.

It seemed as if every Republican that didn’t support Trump, which early on was more than three-quarters of the party, knew how weak he was on gun rights. Unfortunately, just one short year later they had all but forgotten.

The few Republicans who didn’t forget about Trump’s true past were vindicated this week when he tweeted the above. Unfortunately, they number so few these days that it might not be enough to effectively criticize the President’s new gun control platform.

New York liberal leading Republicans towards gun control could be the worst damage Trump’s done yet

One liberal pretending to be a Republican isn’t a problem, but a liberal President guiding Republicans towards liberal positions is something to be seriously concerned about. Marco Rubio has already gotten on board with raising the age required to buy semi-automatic rifle to 21.

If other Republicans follow suit, this could become a serious problem for the Republican party. Conservatives alarmed by President Trump’s calls for gun control should make themselves heard. Now is not the time to give Trump a pass because they happen to like the nasty tweets he sends Elizabeth Warren.

Excusing President Trump’s boorish behavior is one thing, allowing him to pursue liberal policies while calling them conservative is something else entirely. Republicans must not stand for it.

(Image of President Donald Trump’s tweet via screenshot.)


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