What We Learned About Corrupt Politicians from Former FBI Director James Comey’s Testimony

FBI Director James Comey’s testimony hasn’t been as enlightening as it has been confirmatory. Republicans suspected that Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to take it easy on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Democrats suspected that President Trump had asked Comey to abandon the investigation into Michael Flynn. The public wasn’t surprised when Director Comey revealed both of those suspicions to be true. Voters have known all along that both situations represent the run of the mill corruption they’ve grown to expect from Washington D.C. The only question now is whether or not anything will come from that.

Voters who were paying attention knew all along that both of those scandals were true. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like they’ve yet reached the point to demand any action on the matter. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote even though a majority of the public didn’t trust her. Donald Trump won the election under the same circumstances. There hasn’t been any movement within the Republican Pparty to pressure the President into acting any differently. While his approval ratings are at historic lows, that won’t necessarily translate into any electoral change. More likely than not, Congress will maintain it’s 90 percent% incumbent reelection rate.

With that kind of voter apathy it’s certain that corruption of this nature will continue to be standard operating procedure. If Hillary Clinton won the election it wouldn’t change that fact. There’s little incentive for either party to change when they’re still getting reelected. The left wing media will hem and haw about how James Comey increased the likelihood of President Trump’s impeachment but that will never come to pass with a Republican controlled Congress. The right wing media will crow about how they were right all along about the email scandal. Neither will address the rotting core at the center of both issues.

Republicans and Democrats will admit their own side’s failings or encourage voters to do anything other than vote for their party. Everything the public suspected about corruption politicians was correct, but it still won’t change anything if they don’t change their voting habits. Incumbents have nothing to fear as long as that remains true.

Wilson most recently served as the Director of Social Media on the presidential campaign of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
He started in politics by founding the political advocacy organization A Libertarian Future after the 2012 presidential election. Its Facebook page now reaches tens of millions of people a month, and the website received more than 10 million pageviews in three years.
Wilson has also launched a successful digital marketing firm with a range of domestic and international clients. After living in Europe intermittently throughout college, he currently resides in California – strictly for the climate.

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