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Polls show former Governor increasing his lead over the Republican Candidate…Among Republicans

Republican Senate Campaign Loses Key Staff

Gary Johnson served two terms as the Republican Governor of New Mexico, and it seems New Mexico Republicans remember.

An Emerson College poll taken August 17-18, about the time Johnson announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate, shows Johnson leading the Republican candidate, Mick Rich, by 10 points, 21% to 11%.

A second survey, conducted by In Lux Research on August 18-20, of 500 likely voters by auto dial, showed an even greater shift toward Johnson among Republicans — and all voters. Significantly, Johnson leads Rich among Republicans, even though the former Republican Governor is running on the Libertarian ticket.

While these polls are early, and Johnson has just begun to campaign, it appears New Mexico Republicans are open to the idea of his fiscally conservative and civil libertarian approach. With polls consistently showing a large number of undecideds, particularly with an incumbent on the ballot, there are a substantial number of votes up for grabs. So far, Johnson seems to be offering an option those undecideds and independents are willing to consider.

Even before Johnson entered the race, the incumbent Senator Martin Heinrich was polling at a relatively low percentage — below 50% — for a Democrat in a state Hillary Clinton carried handily.

The Jack News has confirmed that the Rich campaign for senate has recently lost several key staff members. Including the campaign manger who publicly stated he left the campaign to seek other opportunities.

As headlines across the country have suggested in recent days, Johnson is rapidly changing New Mexico’s Senate race from a foregone conclusion to a toss-up.



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