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Gary Johnson: It’s Game Time

Labor Day is behind us, the kids are back in school…and Election Day is only a little more than a month away.

It’s Game Time.

All across the country, credible Libertarian and independent candidates are on the ballot, and poised to take advantage of the historic opportunities this election presents. Voters across the spectrum are clearly fed up with the divisiveness and paralysis the two “major” parties have given us, and as never before, those voters are ready to disrupt the broken system and elect candidates who offer something different.

In many states, counties, municipalities and even school districts, those candidates are Libertarians. From California to Texas to New York — and dozens of places in between, liberty candidates are offering the qualifications, the experience and a small government, greater freedom approach that appeals to millions of Americans.

But qualifications and philosophy, unfortunately, aren’t enough. Winning elections takes organization, grass-roots activism, and yes, funding.  Libertarians don’t have the big special interests, the massive Republican and Democrat infrastructure and the funding that comes with them. Libertarians have to depend on like-minded individuals and volunteers who are willing to work, fight the system and contribute.

There is nothing easy about it. But it’s a fight worth fighting…and winning.

I’m often asked what has to happen for the Libertarian Party to grow and achieve the recognition it deserves as a party that clearly represents the views of millions of Americans. My answer is simple: Libertarians need to win elections.

Make no mistake. Libertarians putting our beliefs into action in elected office is a truly frightening prospect for the two-party Establishment. That’s why they fight us every step of the way, from trying to keep us off the ballot to excluding us from debates. Liberty doesn’t fit with their big government cronyism.

But that’s exactly what makes it so important that Libertarians win. And that’s what makes it so important that every liberty-minded American get involved, engaged and active in the few short weeks that remain before Election Day.

Whether it be for a local school board or the United States Senate, we have candidates who can win.

But they can’t do it alone.



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