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Is Gary Johnson Considering a Run for Public Office Again?

At the annual FreedomFest in Las Vegas, The Jack News caught up with fmr. New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

 Johnson’s answer to a question about the possibility of running for office again raised some eyebrows. He didn’t say “Yes”…but he didn’t say “No”.  The former Governor has previously suggested he would not be a candidate again. If Johnson were to seek public office again what office might he seek?

 Commenting on the future of the Liberty Movement in upcoming election cycles, Governor Johnson repeated his assertion that independents and libertarians need to win a major election. “We need a success story”, he said.

 In that context, Johnson didn’t rule out another run for elected office. Watch the video here:


 In 2016, Johnson garnered more votes for President than any third party or independent candidate since Ross Perot in 1992, and the highest vote total ever for a Libertarian candidate. The success of the Johnson-Weld ticket eased ballot access for Libertarians in a number of states, and has resulted in the emergence of Libertarian candidates playing increasingly significant roles in elections across the country.

 Johnson, however, maintains that Libertarians, and independents in general, need a “win” in a major race federal or state-wide election. Such a win will, he believes, be a major step toward breaking the two-party hold on both politics and policy.

 Governor Johnson was in Las Vegas to speak at the annual FreedomFest gathering of free market advocates and leaders. In three separate appearances, he reiterated the need for third party and independent success on the state and national level.

 The 2016 presidential candidate recently completed, for the second time, the 2800 mile “Ride the Divide” mountain bike race from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, NM.  Johnson covered the route along the continental divide in 28 days.

 Is it possible that those days on the bike prompted some reflection and rethinking about future elections?



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