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‘What Happened?’ Hillary Published a Boring and Vapid Book

Hillary Clinton may well be the most prolific political writer with absolutely nothing to say. Her “Tough Choices” memoir did poorly even as Hillary was conducting his book tour for it:  It offers no evidence of any tough choices and is a vapid and boring exercise in ghostwritten self-congratulation.

So as Hillary launches her latest auto-hagiography titled “What Happened” to rationalize her humiliating defeat at the hands of Donald Trump, Would-be reviewers are getting a head start in warning readers of what to expect from this auto-hagiography by the least self-aware presidential loser in American history. Writes Damon Linker from theweek.com:

That title really is unfortunate. Because the thing is that “what happened” is patently obvious to everyone who isn’t blinded by partisanship or personal fealty to the Clinton family: She lost — to the most flagrant demagogue-charlatan in American history, a man whose lack of fitness for the job was so obvious and total that she should have won in a landslide.

There is not a chance in the world that Clinton’s memoir will frankly examine and reflect on the true causes of her catastrophic defeat.… Oopsie! Coulda happened to anyone!

Actually, it could have only happened to Hillary Clinton. Not that you’re likely to find in her memoir any kind of honest reckoning with what is now a lengthy track record of piss-poor decisions — or with the crucial contribution of those bad decisions to her defeat.

But that is nonetheless exactly what happened.

And Stephen L. Miller from Fox News:

“What Happened” is Hillary’s hubris, accompanied by a bubbling distrust among the public over the enshrined Hollywood-media complex. She underestimated an opponent she herself wanted to face off against and was a terrible candidate. That cost her a place in history.

You’re not going to get the real story of ‘What Happened’ from Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton is what happened. You’re going to hear “Russia, Russia, Russia.” You can save the $25 and hear the same thing every day on CNN for free.

All this before the book is even released! It’s coming soon to a remainder bin near you.

(Caricature of Hillary Clinton by DonkeyHotey used with permission.)

Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett recently ran for Congress as the first candidate of the newly formed United Utah Party and garnered the largest vote percentage of any third-party congressional candidate in Utah history. A longtime editorial writer and columnist for the Deseret News, he has managed several political campaigns in Utah, and he is currently at work on a biography of his father, former Utah Senator Robert F. Bennett. He and his wife, Laurel, are the parents of five children.


  1. Of course she won’t. No one with her sort of power ever will because they believe that it makes them look weak. It’s the same reason why Trump won’t admit that his administration is a shit show.

  2. How many pages does it take to accept ZERO RESPONSIBILITY?

  3. Nobody cares. She isn’t president. That’s all that matters. Now if we could just get rid of the other one.

  4. I’d like to see the Jack’s review of Al Franken’s new book

  5. Her fans will buy it up like it’s a new Gospel chapter. Pathetic.

  6. surprised she can even remember enough for a single chapter

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