Ken Bone: ‘If I Had To Label Myself, I’d Be A Libertarian’

Remember Ken Bone? The sweater-wearing power plant worker took the country by storm when he asked questions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debate. A famously undecided voter, the human meme drew massive amounts of media attention but never revealed from who he voted or his political leanings… until now.

Ken Bone is a libertarian

Ken Bone appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher almost a year after his fifteen minutes of fame to discuss how politics had changed. After repeated prodding by Maher to get him to reveal who he voted for they moved on to other political issues. Responding to a question about President Trump’s tax plan, Ken Bone revealed that he was a libertarian:

If I had to label myself, I’d be a libertarian. But, I don’t care about if everybody smokes weed or not so I don’t register with the party. But if you want to, live your life the way you want to live it, go ahead. If you want the government to stay out of your life, that’s great. But when the government comes and takes our money, and they’re going to, let’s spend it a little more responsibly.

So far so good, but Ken Bone wasn’t done explaining his libertarian beliefs:

Let’s not worry about giving tax breaks to the very richest people who aren’t missing that money in the first place. Because we’ve proven that money doesn’t trickle down to me in the upper middle class. It doesn’t trickle down to my mom who’s unemployed. So maybe we keep their money and we use it for something good.

The second half of his explanation may make some libertarians question whether or not Ken Bone is a libertarian. After all, Bill Maher has also called himself a libertarian in the past but few other libertarians would consider him a member of the tribe. It appears that Ken Bone may have one foot in the camp but isn’t quite all the way there.

Did Ken Bone vote for Gary Johnson?

In addition to labeling himself as a libertarian, Ken Bone alluded to who he ended up voting for last year. He definitively ruled out that he voted for Jill Stein, but was just as firm as ever in refusing to narrow it down further. Although, considering that he would call himself a libertarian, the chance that Ken Bone voted for Gary Johnson is high.

Watch the full clip from Real Time with Bill Maher below:

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