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Adam Kokesh’s Presidential Campaign Promise Is That He’ll Abolish The Federal Government

Day Four of the Jack News Guide to the Libertarian Party Presidential Race in 2020.

Editor’s Note: The introduction to this series includes links to each of the nine profiles.

Controversial anarchist and civil-disobedience activist Adam Kokesh has already announced his intention to seek the 2020 Libertarian Party nomination.

He’s running on a platform of abolishing the federal government by decree as his first, only, and last presidential action. Whether or not the president would even have the power to do such a thing is pretty dubious, but Kokesh waves away such constitutional concerns as irrelevant.

Kokesh’s history is certainly colorful. As a military veteran himself, he was involved in the early days of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He hosted a show on the Russian state-owned English-language network RT. To protest the District of Columbia’s firearms laws, he filmed himself loading a shotgun on the National Mall. That move resulted in a police raid on his home, and charges for drug possession.

His personal drama has often been on public display too, including fallings-out with girlfriends and assistants who have sought to take public revenge.

Still, to some Libertarians Kokesh represent the radical spirit of the ideology, the utter rejection of “respectability politics.” At the same time, electoral politics would not be entirely new for him. On an anti-war platform, he unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for New Mexico’s third congressional district in 2010.

(Photo of Adam Kokesh talking on his cell phone after he participated in a silent stand-up protest at a public gallery at the Senate chamber of the U.S. Capitol September 4, 2007 in Washington, DC. by Alex Wong/Getty Images)



  1. An idiotic proposal. IMO

  2. If he actually did would we still have free movement of labor and goods between states? I don’t really want to have to quit my job in Washington and live off potatoes and silver ore.

    (I live in Idaho, obviously)

  3. And how does he plan to do this? It would take a constitutional convention.

  4. way to appeal to staunch libertarians and alienate the rest of the population

  5. Dude … we already have an imbecile at the wheel. No need for another one.

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