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Ten Years On, ‘American Mayor’ Film Encourages Millennials to Run for Office

BEXLEY, OHIO, September 27, 2017 – Last week Bexley native Travis Irvine returned to his hometown, a city of 13,000 that is a suburb of Columbus, to re-launch his film “American Mayor.”

The film focuses on the 2007 mayor’s race for Bexley, and how Irvine, then a 24-year old filmmaker/comedian, run against seven other people and fought for local neighborhoods that felt they were being ignored.

His 130-day campaign documented how one person can make a difference in the local political process. It also made the festival rounds in 2010, screening at the Festival de Cannes‘ Short Film Corner, Palm Springs International Film Festival & Palm Springs ShortFest and others.”

Irvine had graduated from Ohio University in 2006. He had moved home and was unsure what to do next.

Irvine, whose campaign and comedy videos have been featured on “The Jay Leno Show,” PBS’s “NewsHour” and Funny Or Die, also ran for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District in 2010 as the Libertarian Party candidate.

A strange journey also for the film, ‘American Mayor’

The film has an interesting journey of its own. From the blog Plunderbund:

Irvine’s production company, Overbites Pictures, signed a deal with a company called Indie Media Entertainment, which distributed the film on Amazon for four years but never shared any of the profits with Overbites.

Now that technology has improved, Irvine said Overbites hired a lawyer to deal with IME, took back control over the film, and is now launching “American Mayor” on Amazon as a streaming movie for the 10th anniversary of the race. The movie will be re-released on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Irvine now says he’s intrigued by the timing of the documentary’s relaunch, which he hopes will motivate young people to run for office.

“Because Trump is so awful,” he says, “we’re really hoping that getting it out there now will motivate people to run for office and show them how. That was the original intent of the film: this is how to run for office in your own hometown.”

Watch the trailer for the film below:

(Photo of Travis Irvine used with permission.)


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