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Governor Bill Weld Endorses Libertarian Party Candidate For State Auditor In Massachusetts

Last year’s Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson recently returned to the national political scene to promote his rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. His running mate, Gov. Bill Weld, has also rejoined him in the news cycle. He recently revealed he would be supporting his friend Charlie Baker for Governor of Massachusetts in 2018.

Many libertarians did not understand why Gov. Weld had endorsed Baker, a Republican, for Governor. It became clear to some after they learned that Baker had held two different cabinet level positions in the Weld administration during the 1990’s. Nonetheless, libertarians were hoping that Bill Weld would support at least one Libertarian candidate in 2018.

Bill Weld endorses Libertarian Dan Fishman for State Auditor

In his message to the 2017 Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, Governor Bill Weld endorsed Libertarian Dan Fishman for State Auditor.

In explaining his endorsement, Weld went into how he had gotten to know Fishman, who served as the Northeast Director for the Johnson/Weld campaign, over the past year. On one occasion, Dan Fishman can be seen delivering signatures with Weld to get the presidential ticket on the Massachusetts state ballot.

The pair have apparently stayed in touch since the election given that Fishman is the political director for the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts.

State Auditor is the perfect office for a Libertarian Party candidate

As Bill Weld went on to explain, there’s no better statewide office for a Libertarian Party candidate than State Auditor. Instead of a partisan who will protect the sacred cows, a Libertarian candidate can carefully scrutinize every penny.

A State Auditor like Libertarian Dan Fishman won’t be beholden to either party’s establishment and can serve the taxpayer first. In addition, Bill Weld alluded that Dan Fishman has a plan to make the state’s books public online. That would be a first for Massachusetts and a major win for the voters.

Watch the full video of Bill Weld’s endorsement of Dan Fishman for State Auditor below:

(Photo of Former Governor William Weld of Massachusetts speaking at the 2016 FreedomFest at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada by Gage Skidmore)

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