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Kid Rock Will Not Be Running For Senate, And We Should All Be Grateful For That

Republicans voters flocked to reality television star Donald Trump last year out of pure desperation. While his election as President momentarily satisfied their appetites, it did not sate them. Trumpian candidates, such as Kid Rock in Michigan, have come out of the woodwork to fill the continuing need.

Voters hated the Washington establishment so much they turned to someone with no political experience, and a questionable-at-best business record, to be their president. Only a complete and total outsider could possibly “drain the swamp,” they said.

Nine months later, however, the swamp is still full and brimming with alligators that Trump himself has imported.

Kid Rock won’t run for Senate, and voters should be thankful

President Trump’s failures to make a dent in the Washington establishment exemplify just how necessary is previous government experience. If he were ever successful, Senator Kid Rock would have faced the same roadblocks and inability to produce results.

Even with decades of business experience behind him, President Trump is a political neophyte who can’t seem to navigate the ever-changing political waters. Where most presidents are involved in whipping votes for major pieces of legislation, and often successful when they do so, Trump has shown no such talent or even interest. This makes seeing actual results a fantasy.

A musician such as Kid Rock would be even more of a fish out of water in the United States Senate. While frustrated primary voters see that as an advantage, it’s far more of a liability than they could ever understand. President Trump’s lack of progress on all of his legislative efforts proves as much.

Even if Kid Rock did run for Senate, he wouldn’t have won

Considering how fruitless Senator Rock’s efforts would be is getting far ahead of ourselves. In the few polls that were done featuring Kid Rock, he was nearly twenty points behind the three-term incumbent. Even with a year to go, overcoming a 20 point deficit as an inexperienced Trumpian candidate is an impossible task.

Now that the circus has left town, Republicans can focus their efforts on defeating incumbent Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow. This will be a tough challenge, as Stabenow has proven popular. She was first elected in 2000 and has increased her margin of victory in every election since.

Republicans will need to get behind someone who can draw from the middle. And that rules out any candidate that Steve Bannon is supporting. Even the more establishment Republican picks will have a tough time crossing the 50 percent threshold in a swing state such as Michigan.

Nonetheless, with Kid Rock out of the way, electing a Republican Senator in Michigan has become infinitely easier. Voters should be thankful for that, and seriously question why anyone ever wanted Kid Rock to be senator in the first place.

(Photo of Kid Rock performing at the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis, August 25, 2013 by Larry Philpot via Wikipedia)


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