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Libertarian State Senator in Nebraska Pushes Occupational Licensing Reform

LINCOLN, Nebraska, July 6, 2017 – Laura Ebke made news in 2016 when she became the Libertarian Party’s first state senator, switching parties as a member of Nebraska’s nonpartisan unicameral state legislature.

Since then, she has helped passed a ballot access reform bill that ensured the Libertarian Party’s continuing recognized status in the state. She was also elected by her colleagues as the Chair of the important Judiciary Committee, which considers all criminal justice and related bills.

Her priority for the next year, Ebke says, is her proposal designated as LB299. This bill would overhaul Nebraska’s restrictive occupational licensing laws. This important bill has attracted bipartisan support. The head of both the Nebraska ACLU, and the state’s leading free-market think tank, wrote a joint op-ed in the Omaha World-Herald urging passing of LB299.

(Photo of Laura Ebke from the Nebraska legislature.)

Andy Craig

A writer and political consultant in Milwaukee, WI, Andy Craig is active in several roles within the Libertarian Party, including two campaigns for public office, re-establishing official party status in Wisconsin, and receiving over 11% of the vote for Congress. He works with candidates on recruitment, strategy, messaging, ballot access, and endorsements, overseeing the latter for the Johnson/Weld campaign.

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