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POLL RESULTS: Should Roy Moore Drop Out of the Alabama Senate Race?

November 27, 2017 – The Jack News released the results of its latest poll, about the allegations surrounding Roy Moore’s having sexually molested multiple teenage girls.

In setting up the poll about the Republican candidate for U.S. senator in Alabama, The Jack News wrote:

Following numerous accusations that Roy Moore sexually assaulted and molested teenage girls, National Republican Senate Campaign Chairman Cory Gardner issued an ultimatum: he must drop out or the Senate will vote to expel Moore should he win. Should Roy Moore end his candidacy and drop out of the Alabama Senate race?

In response, 71 percent of respondents said “yes,” and 29 percent said “no.”

Other polls show deterioration in Roy Moore’s strength

In the lead up to the special election on Tuesday, December 12, other polls are also showing Moore failing badly.

A Change Research survey released November 16 found Democrat Doug Jones leading Republican Roy Moore 46 to 43 percent.

The website 538 summarizes a range of polling data showing signs of deterioration of Moore’s strength leading up to the special election:

Alabama Senate polls show a tight race since the allegations

Surveys taken after accusations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore were first reported by The Washington Post on Nov. 9

Opinion Savvy 0 46% 46% 0
Gravis Marketing 1 46 48 -2
Change Research 2 40 44 -4
Emerson College 2 40 49 -9
JMC Analytics 2 48 44 +4
Strategy Research 4 43 49 -6
Fox News 6 50 42 +8
Gravis Marketing 6 47 42 +5
Change Research 7 46 43 +3
Strategy Research 12 45 47 -2
Average 45 45 0

That’s quite a turnaround from earlier polls, when Moore held a clear advantage. Indeed, we can see how the accusations were a game changer by looking at surveys from five pollsters who took polls both before Nov. 9 and since.1 Moore’s position fell, on average, by 9 percentage points from before the allegations to after.

Jones has gained ground since allegations against Moore

Surveys from pollsters who polled before and after The Washington Post reported accusations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore on Nov. 9

Emerson College Moore +22 Moore +9 +13
Fox News Tie 0 Jones +8 +8
JMC Analytics Moore +8 Jones +4 +12
Opinion Savvy Moore +5 Tie 0 +5
Strategy Research* Moore +11 Moore +6 +5
Average +9

Other Jack News poll results are available here, or by clicking the category “Poll Results” above.

(Photo of Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore speaking during a mid-Alabama Republican Club’s Veterans Day event on November 11, 2017, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama by Wes Frazer/Getty Images)


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