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POLL RESULTS: Vote to Remove Statue of Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville Park

August 28, 2017 – The Jack News released the results of its online poll, conducted last week from  August 20 through August 26, about the appropriate response to the current hot-button issue regarding retention or removal of Confederate memorials.

The Jack News survey asked readers to put themselves in the shoes of a city council member forced to decide on whether or not to remove such a memorial. The specific question asked was:

If you were a member of the Charlottesville, Virginia city council, would you vote for or against the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue from Emancipation Park (formerly Lee park)?

In this survey, more than two-thirds of respondents — 71 percent — voted to “keep it in place,” while the minority of 29 percent voted to “remove the statue.”

The Jack News has had many stories about the fallout from the neo-Nazi and Confederate-sympathizer protest in Charlottesville on August 12.

On Monday, August 14, we published, “The Moral Bankruptcy of Declaring ‘Violence on Many Sides’,” which was followed on August 15 by “Don’t ‘Unite The Right,’ Kick Those Big Government Alt-Right Trolls Out.”

On Wednesday, August 16, we provided commentary on the reaction to the protest from Economists’ Germany correspondent, “Modern German and America Take Different Routes to Rejecting ‘Blood and Soil’ in Politics.” The same day, J. Wilson weighed in on “Why Did Charlottesville Police Completely and Totally Fail to Maintain Order?

Further stories bearing on the subject include “When Confederate Monuments Were Constructed Tells You Why They Should Come Down,” “Seattle Mayor Says That Statue of Vladimir Lenin Should Come Down,” and “Libertarian National Committee Seeks to Expel White Nationalists,” including Christopher Cantwell, formerly involved with the libertarian Free State Project and now known as the “crying Nazi” fearful of his impending arrest.


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  1. That’s the Lee statue in Richmond in the photo. They just came out with the cost of removing that one statue at $3M.

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