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Property Rights Trumps Right to Be Free From Discrimination in Latest Jack Poll

July 31, 2017- The Jack News released the results of its latest weekly online poll, conducted during the week from July 23 through July 29, about the hypothetical scenario of the Jewish baker being asked to bake a cake for the Nazi sympathizer.

Although speculative, the question is nonetheless important in helping determine which right is more important: The property rights of the baker, including the right to choose which customers to serve and which not to serve, or the individual rights of the customer to receive service and to not face discrimination.

By a margin of 76 percent to 20 percent, respondents favored the right to property over the right to be free from discrimination.

Undecided respondents totaled 4 percent.

The list of previous polls conducted by The Jack News is available online.


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  1. The only problem is when the reason for discrimination is an immutable part of your person and everyone agrees to discriminate in the same way. Imagine the scenario of a mechanic’s guild that has a guild rule not to help African-Americans. Would those mechanics have the right to deny a stranded couple service even if the nearest non-guild mechanic was 500 miles away?

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