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Three Front-Runners Emerge For The 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

August 21, 2017 – The Jack News released the results of its online poll, conducted last week from August 13 through August 19, about possible Libertarian Party presidential candidates in 2020. This was the second time that The Jack News has polled is readers on their preferences for the 2020 Libertarian presidential nomination. See the results from the first round here.

In this survey, three candidates stood out to form the new top tier: Congressman Justin Amash, Larry Sharpe and Governor Bill Weld.

Republican Congressman Justin Amash, from Michigan’s 3rd district, managed to take first place, with 29.1 percent of respondents.

Larry Sharpe, a New York-based motivational speaker and former Libertarian vice presidential candidate, took second with 28.5 percent of respondents. For the first week Amash lead the race comfortably but a last minute surge catapulted Sharpe to the near tie.

And former Massachusetts Gov. Weld, the party’s actual nominee in 2016 for the vice presidential slot, took a close third place with 22.6 percent of respondents. Weld was the final candidate to achieve double digits in the poll.

The poll was started following The Jack News guide to the Libertarian Party presidential contest, which profiled nine possible candidates for the party’s nomination in three years.

The question read:

Now that you’ve read about each of the nine possible contenders in The Jack News, if the election were held today for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination for 2020, for whom would you vote?

In addition to the three front-runners, the remaining prospects garnered the following percentages:

Although trailing a ways behind the top tier, investor and talk show host Peter Schiff came away with a strong 8.2 percent.

Farther behind was noted activist Adam Kokesh, at 3.9 pecent.

Professor and former GOP Congressman Tom Campbell, with 2.9 percent.

Medical analyst Mary Ruward, at 2.8 percent.

CATO policy director Jeffrey Miron took 1.1 percent, and Colorado party activist Steve Kerbel took 0.9 percent.

Major changes from the previous 2020 Libertarian Party poll

The inclusion of Congressman Justin Amash in this round of polling had a dramatic effect. Larry Sharpe, who previously reigned supreme with 42.9 percent of the vote, saw his support fall by more than third. Each of the other candidates who were included in both rounds also saw a significant drop as a portion of their supporters flocked to Amash.

For a full comparison, view the graph below:

(Editor’s Note: This article has been corrected to reflect the correct congressional district of Rep. Justin Amash.)



  1. Weld? Really? I thought him as VP was a compromise enough.

  2. I like Campbell, but the lack of name recognition in the general election would be a campaign killer.

  3. I like Amash but some of his policy positions aren’t in line with party philosophy. In addition, he’s a Republican and has expressed no interest in running as the LP nominee as far as I know.

  4. Never heard of Amash. 50/50 the candidate is not one of these three 25/75 the person isn’t even in the poll.

  5. Romney, Perry & Bachman? 😉

  6. like all but Weld, don’t know much about him.

  7. Well out of the 3 only 2 are registered or legit libertarians and Weld was a very controversial candidate. He was solid on economics but I didn’t hear much else from him, Larry Sharpe would be the best out of these 3

  8. Um…Amash is Congressional District 3, not 4

  9. Larry Sharpe or Tom Campbell for me.

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