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Adam Kokesh Interview

July 3, 2018, New Orleans-

Adam Kokesh is running for President…and wants to dissolve the federal government. That’s right. Dissolve it.

In a wide ranging interview with the The Jack News at the recent Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans, political activist, media personality and candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination Adam Kokesh made clear this plan, if elected President, is to pursue the “peaceful, orderly, responsible dissolution of the federal government.

While perhaps jaw-dropping to many, Kokesh’s idea of dissolving the federal government and shifting to a system of “voluntary” government is not unheard of in some libertarian and anarchist circles.  Clearly, as Kokesh knows, one power the President doesn’t have is to dissolve the government. However, doing so could certainly be proposed, and would make for an interesting debate.

An Iraq war veteran and political activist, Kokesh has gained national attention on several occasions for protests against war, the treatment of the nation’s veterans, and on behalf of individual rights. Those protests have led to arrests on several charges and some jail time.

In 2010, Kokesh ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for U.S. Congress in New Mexico.

While in New Orleans for the Libertarian convention, Kokesh also participated in an event to draw attention to the problem of suicide among veterans. In his interview with The Jack News, he said, “The Republicans and Democrats are willing to kill veterans on behalf the pharmaceutical industry”, commenting on the Veterans Administration’s practice of treating  veterans with PTSD with prescription drugs while denying access to cannabis.

In addition to his campaign for President, Kokesh has spent much of his time recently traveling the nation to promote his book: FREEDOM!. Based upon a range of works from libertarian and other ideological writers, Kokesh calls his book “the ultimate red pill”.

For more information about Adam Kokesh and his book, go to The Freedom! Line .



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