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StarChild Interview

July 2, 2018, New Orleans –

Libertarian National Conventions tend to be rather colorful events.

Make no mistake. Serious business is done, and Libertarians are gaining traction across the nation as a real factor in a growing number of elections on the local, state and federal levels. But with its emphasis on individual freedom, the party and its conventions attract a truly wide spectrum of activists.
One of the most colorful Libertarians, who has long been involved in party leadership, is California resident StarChild, known for his political passion and interesting wardrobe choices.
The Jack News caught up with StarChild at the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans, covering topics ranging from the growth of the Libertarian movement to the Party’s bylaws to the government’s treatment of veterans returning from U.S. military interventions.
StarChild is a past member of leadership in the national Libertarian party and was a delegate to the LP Convention.
During his interview with The Jack News, StarChild shared his optimism for the growth of the Libertarian movement, and commented on the gains libertarianism is making not just in the U.S., but around the world.
And while the well-known activist observed that the LP Convention was largely “collegial”, despite heated debates and policy deliberations, his experience while joining an immigration rally unrelated to the convention was more harrowing. StarChild was “assaulted” during the rally and struck with a Libertarian sign as it was ripped from his hands.
StarChild’s often-provocative appearance may be his trademark, but those who have spent time with him in Libertarian circles over the years have come to know him as a thoughtful participant in Party deliberations and a devoted activist on behalf of individual freedom.
Whether they agree with him or not, there is no question that Libertarian Party members can pick him out in the crowd.
Watch the entire interview on The Jack News YouTube Channel.



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